Kate Simpson

Short and long term psychotherapy / counselling

What should I expect from the first session?

The first session in called an assessment which will provide you, the client, an opportunity to talk through your reasons for coming to counselling. It will also focus on your expectations of the counselling process and highlight your main areas of concern.

The assessment will also allow us to discuss whether I can meet your counselling needs. In some circumstances you may benefit from a referral to another practitioner/ organistion who may have specialist expertise in your area of concern. We would of course discuss this process of referral and ensure that you were comfortable with this before we would proceed.

If we decide that the service I offer will meet your needs we will agree on the number of sessions that are necessary and find a mutually convenient time to meet for these sessions once a week for the duration of the contract. Although the number of sessions will vary according to the needs of the client a minimum of 6 sessions will be recommended. We will also discuss fees in the assessment.